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Madulein, Metro-Net, Martin Kippenberger

from ‘The Darkened Chamber’

Weve all the time in the world
to look at it,
that glory robe with the black lining
which is desire for
permanence, that
hayloft not a spark could get in
from the world outside,-
not so, there was a tiny hole
making of the whole room a
camera lucida wherein the mind swam
in a gold rain of color
and I understood all life to be a book but
much more
a book i could never get my hands on
much less write…

-David Rattray

Time Passes

Time too is afraid of passing, is riddled with holes
through which time feels itself leaking.
Time sweats in the middle of the night
when all the other dimensions are sleeping.
Time has lost every picture of itself as a child.
Now time is old, leathery and slow.
Can’t sneak up on anyone anymore,
Can’t hide in the grass, can’t run, can’t catch.
Can’t figure out how not to trample
what it means to bless.

-Joy Ladin

Forgetfulness – Billy Collins

On art and love

“There is nothing noble in being superior to your fellow man; true nobility is being superior to your former self.”

Ernest Hemingway

Alex Turgeon